Yemen is a small Middle Eastern country that doesn’t get a lot of attention from the international spotlight. Like many areas of the Middle East, there is a lot of political unrest and war seems to be a constant that is hanging over people’s heads.

While most people think of the effects of war on men, there are many women in Yemen who are suffering the consequences of everything that is going on. What are some of the things that women in Yemen are trying to deal with as a result of the war? Here are a few things that I’ve seen in my research.

Women Support Society’s Economic Fabric

Without men around (due to them being on the front lines), they are not there to deal with the socioeconomic things that are going on in their tribes and communities. Women, many of which are not trained to do so, are doing everything possible to help keep everyone’s heads above water. Whether that means that they’re doing what has traditionally been seen as “men’s work” or they’re trying to make sure that everyone is able to be fed is taken care of, women are trying to help everyone.

Women Bring Communities Together

There are a lot of social implications to war, and keeping towns and communities together is a big deal and it needs to be handled with care. Yemen’s women are taking care of the social and mental health of communities, without training, because they need to and no one else is able to. These women are working hard to keep that social health together as well.

Women Suffer Under Discrimination

This has always been an issue (hence why the Women National Committee exists), but it ends up being even worse during war. Why? Because soldiers who invade their towns or that are stopping by are challenging them and telling them what to do based on what they feel needs to be done. More often than not, these women, who are basically running their towns and tribes, are being treated the same way that they always have just because they are women – and that’s problematic for many reasons.

What’s Next?

It depends. The Women National Committee is pushing for an end to the war. Instead of empowering women, like they wish to be able to do, it’s causing men to continue to push women around and demand that they do things instead of giving them autonomy. Peace in Yemen may be possible, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done and

The Women National Committee is working hard with women to ensure that they have as many resources as possible to help their communities and to empower them to help them move forward, and it’s something that needs to be done when some communities only have women and children residing there due to the war. It’s something that needs to be looked at and considered as the war continues to go on and on.

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